Dog Food Ratings 2014 – Discover the Truth

Leave the dog food ratings aside and I’m asking you to read this uncensored story about how I literally SAVED my dog’s life. Take the chance and you will understand what was hidden from us for so long.

I want to be fair with you, before you begin you should know : At first, this change will require your time and effort, you’ll have to be able to sit and learn in order to acheive desired results. These results may not come on the first week and maybe not even the second week, you’ll have to persevere and not come back to the easy and worst solution.
I promise it’s going to be worth it, but if you can’t meet these requirements, then unfortunately, what is written below is irrelevant to you and you should leave this site now.

Which is the best food to feed your dog? Who are the best dog food brands ?? is it premium quality dog food? Maybe ones that Keep your dog healthy and comes highly recommended?

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 Now, can you imagine if the top rated brand’s  were full of toxic chemicals and based on poor quality ingredients? Why? Because the dog food industry is a billion dollar industry(to read more about the dog food industry, please press here) that only cares from one thing: profit. That means that the food that our dog eats, no matter the brand, is made from cheap materials that cooks in high temperatures and robbed of all its nutritious value

I was like you, and I want you to know that you are not alone. Millions keep feeding their dogs with commercial dog food diets, and the result is an unhealthy dog and outranges vet bills to fix the problem. I did it, I saved myself from the pain, worry and expense at the vet when I stopped feeding my dog with food that based on the dog food ratings that the industry selling us every day, replacing it with the best dog food there is. You, like me, can restore balance to your dog.

What is the solution? A simple changing life book called “Dog Food secrets”.

Dog food ratings

With “Dog food secrets” I’m giving my dog a food full with vitamins, minerals, essential enzymes . Homemade dog food, completely free from chemicals, preservatives and stabilizers that completely reduced health problems to bare minimum. Today I’m spending around one dollar a day or less on a dog food budget and Iv’e experienced a dropping in vet bills at around 80%.

You can trust it from one main reason, you will be the one who cooks! you will decide (together with a step by step gaudiness and hundreds of recipes) what is best for your dog (to read more about the product, please press here).

 Lucky’s story:


Before: Lucky was 8 years old. 8 years I fed him food based on dog food ratings. I thought my dog only deserve the best. I read tens of dog food reviews about the best dog food, the result was: old, tired dog. Don’t get me wrong, he was still jumping, happy and stinky. He was resting a lot, when we were traveling, he walk more instead of running and was breathing heavily after exercise. It turns out that he was developing arthritis in his legs, the vet says that this is the way of life and I tended to agree, after all 8  is quite old for dogs from what I knew.

After: today Lucky is 9.5 years old, he is looking younger, he lose weight, his heavy breath was gone, his mouth smells better and full of white shining teeth. he is jumping and running like 3 years old dog, he actually licking his bowl every time and the most amazing thing is that his arthritis was gone!! The changes are unbelievable.

“Dog food secrets” with all the other books are really life changing. This book will teach you how to feed your dog with natural balanced dog food. As a dog lover, I truly am asking you to do it for your friend. Try it and the result will be a super healthy, incredible happy dog that stays by your side for up to 8 years longer than statistically predicted!

A  tip:  it takes time to cook everytime from the beggining. so I recommend to do like me, I’m making a relatively amount every three weeks and then directly to the freezer, just warm it and serve :)

Wish you luck,


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Dog Food Ratings – The full package

Hey, Omer here, I would like to be more specific about the guide and what it contains. I want you to know exactly what you will get in return for your money.

The 1st lesson taught with “Dog Food secrets” program would be to STOP using those top rated dog food ratings, and secondly, if it’s definitely not economically feasible to leave these foods totally, Lewis will show you the secrets you must know to decode pet food labels and also identify harmful additives and substances. The most beneficial part of dog Food Secrets is the 3rd component, in which Lewis provides healthful,nutritious, affordable, homemade dog food recipes that will ensure the health and longevity of your canine.

Here you’ll discover:

  • 6 major natural dog food components required for your dog’s back
  • Simple 4-step program with recipes intended for upgrading your dog’s diet plans.
  • The number of calories your dog should be eating each day and the way to perform calorie calculations.
  • The 6 very best grains to feed your canine.
  • 23 treat recipes with calorie breakdown for training or just “snack-time”
  • The 6 lean proteins every dog must be eating.
  • And more…

What’s in the package?

Dog Food Secrets offers a  60 days, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, but with hundreds of testimonials to the program’s effectiveness it’s unlikely you’ll be anything but pleased. Also, as a bonus for purchasing Dog Food Secrets, Lewis will throw in two popular and informative guides: the Canine Diet Changeover Guide, and 23 Healthy & Delicious Doggy Treat Recipes.

If you love your dog just as much as I do, I recommend you don’t put them at an in jeopardy for even one more day.stop looking for god food ratings and give your the healthiest dog food he ever eat. Dog Food Secrets is really a must-read for dog lovers everywhere.

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Dog Food Ratings – Responsibility.

We read and hear horror stories all the time, about animal abuse, organized dog fights, starvation, negligence and abandonment. I’m just shocked every time I hear a story like that.

People forget that once they adopt a pet, especially a dog, they should become committed, just like a new baby came into their lives.

Once the dog has joined the family, we are committed to maintain his health, give him warmth, love and shelter. We should treat him the same as we treat one of our children and give him full confidence that it will stay with us no matter what.

dog food ratings

So how can we explain the fact that we feed it with poisonous and unhealthy dog food? Is it

laziness? Don’t we care about him? Why we are continuing to give him food that we do not dare to give to our children?

Have we forgotten the responsibility placed upon our shoulders as soon as we decided to add a dog to our family?

I hope your answer is “It’s not that I forgot, I simply didn’t know.”

I know you are not the king of person who sturve his dog, I know you aren’t the one who throws his dog outside, I know you aren’t abusing him. But, by now (please read the other posts) you should!! You know what commercial dog food contains and you know how dangerous it is, keep feeding your dog with this king of unhealthy food is not less than neglect.

So there are no excuses, a man who loves his dog and considers it part of his family should not be left with a quiet conscience unless he does something about it.

Today you have an option to change the way you feed your dog, to make it younger and to grant it a healthy and a better life, full of love and happiness.

Replacing the food will not only improve the life of your dog but it will reduce your visits to the vet, save you money and make the whole house happier.

dog food ratings

Now you know there is no reason not to at least try it, at worst case you have 60 days to claim your full money back.

Today you can join thousands of dog owners who purchased this product and enjoy every moment with their dogs.

Do not stay behind while listening to all kinds of dog food ratings.

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Dog food industry – poison

Probably the most shocking dog food secrets the industry does not want that you know about, is that the majority of the ingredients being placed into the dog food are very bad.
Dog food ratings are based on labels. Truth is is that even although label might proudly proclaim that the food is absolutely free of chemicals and along with preservatives and stabilizers, the company could possibly be twisting the truth just for pure profit.
Unless dog food analysis work was carried out, the fact remains you need to trust what the label around the bag says and it has been shown a whole lot of what is listed inside dog food labels just isn’t true. Unfortunately, whatever you don’t know can hurt your canine.


Pay attention to this: another dog food secret which the dog food industry doesn’t want people to find out is that if a dog food claims it contains “meat by-products” inside it, it’s not the complete truth.Those products rank high in the dog food ratings and count as “premium dog food”. However , the meat being used is probably not beef , chicken, pig or bison.
The meat might actually consist dogs and cats which have been anesthetized. The city of Los Angeles alone sends over than 2 million anesthetized dogs and cats a year to rendering plants. This horrific truth kept from the public, which would surely raise a big outcry if the reality came out.

Andrew’s 7 years research claims that dogs can reach up to the age of 27!!! Now I’m asking you, How many dogs you know that reached this age? the only one I heard of was my best friend’s dog, Dino, who was 22 years old when he past away.

Start NOW !

It does’nt metter if your dog is 1 or 8 years old, the sooner you start feedig your dog with healty and nutritious dog food from the given recipies it will be the best for your dog. Stop spending money on all this “top rated dog food” you see in the media – you just harm your dog and reduces his life expectancy.

The “dog food secrets” will guide you step by step how to do it,  if I succeed there is no reason why you can’t.

Are you still skeptical ? just click here and watch the presentation together with the testimonies.

Please try something new and make your dog a better life!


dogs eating

Why dog food ratings are wrong?

Hey, my name is Omer.
First let me say thank you for checking out my new website, about how we all believe what we read about dog food ratings in the media.
If you are here than you are probably the owners or friend of people that raise the man best friend, the amazing animal on earth – the dog.
When you’re searching for “dog food ratings” you get results like: the best dry dog food, natural dog food, organic dog food etc… they all have the same goal – to make more money! they just don’t care about our dogs!
After you read my story you will want to know how to bark just to say to your dog “I’m sorry you were treated this way”.
The best dog food in the market is the one who cooked with love, and that means homemade dog food, cooked by the one and only – yourself – the dog’s owner!
Hope to see you again.